15 Jul 2010

Planet C.O.B. Volume 1 Now Available for Pre-Order

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IT’S OFFICIAL! The release date for Crooked I’s upcoming EP Planet C.O.B. – Volume 1 has been set for August 17th, 2010. You can only pre-order the EP & #OKBYE T-Shirts here in our Store and there’s a special combo-pack which exclusively includes the track “Gangsta’s Cry” by Crooked I as a bonus.

Also, if you rocking an iPhone and haven’t downloaded the new Planet C.O.B. iPhone app yet then GO GET IT! It’s a free download on iTunes and you can add it to your library by visiting here.


14 Responses to “Planet C.O.B. Volume 1 Now Available for Pre-Order”

  1. EFFeX says:

    I hope everyone pre-ordered their copy, August 17th is right around the corner!

  2. Lil' Nello says:

    I tried pre-ordering it but everytime I do it wouldn’t work or whatever! Is it going be hard copies available like the Mr. Pigface EP or just digital too? I would rather have a hard copy if @ all possible!

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