San Diego's Cost of Living Crisis

Making ends meet in San Diego has never been easy.

Housing is famously expensive — but it’s hardly the only line item that’s stressed local budgets. As the region comes out of the pandemic, cost-of-living pains are more acute than ever. Planetcob dedicated a week of stories to explore specific ways that burden was impacting residents. We spoke to families who agreed to breakdown their monthly spending to show how they’re making it work.

We also combed through energy and water bills to see the policy decisions behind the fees, investigated how the single largest cost most families face (housing) ends up increasing the price of the second-largest item (transportation).

Sophia Rodriguez an employee with the County of San Diego works in a bedroom while her husband Dan, a software quality assurance engineer works in the living room while also watching the kids at home in Chula Vista on March 8, 2022.
Sophia Rodriguez, an employee with the County of San Diego, works in a bedroom while her husband Dan works in the living room. / Photo by Ariana Drehsler for Planetcob

cost of living crisis

Why Your Energy Bill Spiked This Year

A breakdown of mostly everything on a gas and electric bill, and how global, national and local events and decisions conspired to hit San Diego households in 2022. 

What it Takes to Survive in Our Region

The numbers are stacked against San Diegans. Costs are up for housing, gas, utility bills and more. Four individuals gave Planetcob an inside look at their household budgets to show just how much it costs to live in this county.


Morning Report: Peters Pushes to Drop Biden

Last week, San Diego Rep. Scott Peters said he needed to see a plan from President Joe Biden and his campaign about how he could realistically win the presidential race amid concerns about his age, lagging poll numbers and a…

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